Quality is everyone’s business

NUOVA FRANCO and FTN participate frequently, even if indirectly, to the realization of projects of renovation of public areas. When you take your children to the park equipped with swings, slides, benches and other endless rides, you may appreciate the beauty of the setting, the quality of the materials, the solidity of the fences, games and seats. However, you will never remember that the pole cover, the plate to which the swing is attached and another countless of parts that form the basis of everything are made of sheet metal stamping, which we design, engineer and produce. Just talking for the sake of it, because it’s good to know that we are also helping to build a more pleasant, beautiful and safe world. Because when the good belongs to everyone, quality is even more important.

Quality metal hardware

furniture design

Quality metal hardware is an integral part of branded furniture design. Special finishes, vanishing elements, movements that require smoothness and strength as well as durability. Those elements combined with accurate finishes, reduced size, unconventional design solutions are Nuova Franco’s bread and butter. Our technical department is able to develop, design and engineer the manufacturing of any element, which can be realized through sheet metal stamping. We take part, often from behind the scenes, in important design projects. If a table, a drawer or a staircase are beautiful and work well, often it is also thanks to our work.


“We can’t expect things to change, if we continue doing the same things.“

Albert Einstein

30 years of Nuova Franco

30 years of activity marks an important anniversary, which represent a symbol of so much pride for us. A symbol in fact, the emblem of thousands of things done, small and big… No one can say what really the most important one was. The symbol of thoughts, fears, decisions, enthusiasm, mistakes and successes. The symbol of many encounters, of friends and colleagues, of many people with whom we have traveled a stretch of road together, of many who are on our side now. 30 years of developed projects and new ideas that are about to take shape…
So many emotions and so much desire to keep planning.
Thanks again to everyone
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, with the hope that the next year will bring us working together.

Processing chart

Organization, creativity and thirty years of experience in a diagram that shows in an instructive way the workflow of Nuova Franco. A comprehensive range of production processes and a clear vision.
Feasibility study.
Process engineering.
Design, development and tools manufacturing.
Sheet metal forming up to 15 mm with mechanical presses of up to 500 t
In just one glance, you will have a clear perspective of Nuova Franco’s production capacity.

The music towers

Celebrating 30 years and looking back at the many projects, the successes, the works that have marked epochs and that still remain… TWIN&EMPIRE, the tower CD holder. A simple object whose engineering was a stroke of genius. Even today, when we no longer use cassettes or CDs, they still decorate many homes and offices. A beautiful project that has marked the history of Nuova Franco.

New offices

We keep celebrating our 30-year anniversary with projects we will soon be implementing. In the picture the rendering of the new offices with the covered entrance hall. Construction works are scheduled to start at the beginning of next year.

Best wishes NUOVA FRANCO

September 10, 1990/2020
Today is a special day for us: it has been thirty years that NUOVA FRANCO has been in business. They have been years full of satisfactions. We have achieved important goals and laid the foundations for further growth. We have had determination and courage.
We have been lucky.
Above all we have had workers, technicians, consultants, suppliers, collaborators who worked with us side by side and, last but not least, customers who have allowed us to grow together.
A heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone!
Giampietro Franco

Everything in order

This morning, after the devastating whirlwind of the last few days, everything in NUOVA FRANCO was in order and works. We immediately made all the accountings for the damage. Companies, Administrations, Civil Society. Like NUOVA FRANCO, the whole region is showing organization, courage, self-initiative and solidarity.
We are proud of it!